BWLL: Ghent Gazelles vs Heist Hunters

On a sunny Saturday morning our ladies woke up early to get in shape for the game against the Ghent Gazelles. The Gazelles are 98% sure of being the 2013 BWLL champion after winning al their 3 games so far. Only if Heist Hunters Lacrosse manages to win this game (and all other 3 games) Ghent wouldn’t get this year’s trophy.

From the start of the game, it was clear loosing was not an option for the Gazelles. With 18 players they showed their best lacrosse and managed to score 16 times in this game. However the big difference in skill level, the Hunters also reached their goal. Prior to the season they challenged themselves by scoring at least once per game. Today it was Ines who erased the 0 from the score board. Sharina was also close but her shot ended against the post.

Of course all other players rocked on the field as well. Mille has managed to save some shots as well and Leen, Fanny, Kim and the Bengals worked hard to prevent the Gazelles scoring more than they have done.

In two weeks its again the Gazelles to defeat in our 2nd home game of the season.

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