Hunter in the Picture 03.2013

Imco van Veen has the honor to be the first male Hunter in the picture of 2013. As a scoring attacker on the field and a good sales agent of the field Imco has delivered good work in March. Imco is one of the 6 board members and co-founder of Heist Hunters Lacrosse vzw. He started playing lacrosse in 2009 at Red Rhinos lacrosse.

Name: Imco van Veen (Obelix)
Number: 22
Position: Attack
style: Left handed
Specialty: crease role
Known for: making the winning goal vs Ghent Goblins in the quarterfinal of the BLC12

BLC09 Red Rhinos 2 2 3 5 0
DNLL10 Red Rhinos 12 10 1 11 0
BLC10 Red Rhinos 4 5 5 10 0 3,5
BLL11 Red Rhinos 8 16 12 28 0 1,5
BLC11 Heist Hunters 6 4 1 5 2 3
BLL12 Heist Hunters 7 8 1 9 7 2,5
BLC12 Hunting Armadillos 5 9 1 10 2 5,5
BLL13 Hunting Armadillos 5 3 4 7 2 1


In his period as Rhino, Imco won almost everything: 1x.DNLL champion, 2x BLC champion, 1x BLL champion. He also made it to the national team in the beginning. As an attacker he scored numerous goals and gave quit some assists as well. Since the founding of Heist lacrosse he always ended the seasons with the most goals behind his name.

Next to playing lacrosse, Imco is one of the more experienced refs in Belgium. Together with Alex (RiC Belgium Lacrosse) he will try to get to Denver to represent our nation as an official. But first he has to proof himself at the ISB tournament, the Berlin Open and of course some Belgium Lacrosse games…

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