BLL13: Hunting Armadillos vs Halle Gators

After all eggs were found in the garden, the Hunting Armadillos had to face Halle Gators for the second time during this league. With a roster of 15 Hunting Armadillos the combination team had the unknown luxury of many subs this day.

At the field of Antwerp Armadillos the Hunting Armadillos played a solid game. Their defense mostly closed the cage for incoming Gators, forcing them to shoot from 20y. Steve Coremans ended the game with 13 saves out of 15 shots. In offence the Hunting Armadillos kept calm. With some good team goals (5 goals were assisted) they managed to keep the points in Antwerp with a final score of 9-2.

Next week the Hunting Armadillos have a free weekend, but on 14/04 they will be back in Antwerp for the match against Braine Lions (starting at 15h00). Before the game the Antwerp Armadillos will host a clinic to find extra players for their club (both men and women). This clinic will start at 11h00 at the same field as the game (Park van Schoten, Kasteeldreef).

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