23/03/2013: Buggenhout Lacrosse vs Heist Lacrosse

Although “Spring is in the air” on Saturday 23/03/2013 we had a real winter scene in Buggenhout to host the game day between Buggenhout lacrosse and Heist Lacrosse. The temperature was around 0°C and it started snowing during the warm up of our ladies.

Nevertheless both the teams as the umpires decided to play. From the start the Bees proofed to be more snow resistant then the Hunters.  The snow and wind made it hard to play lacrosse, but all the Hunters tried hard to make to best out of it. With hard work and a lot of devotion we were able to score one goal, by again Jana. The game itself ended with 12-1.

Afterwards the men had to play their game and as a wonder the snow slowly disappeared. The Hunting Armadillos were with 12 players and the Brewers with 13 making it an equal game. The first two quarters Buggenhout was slightly better (2-0, 2-0- but the Hunting Armadillos defensed very well, with some good communication and well executed slides. Nevertheless their attack wasn’t able to get the bal against the net at the other side. Goalie Rossel showed some great reflexes to safe the ball keeping a clean sheet. During the second half, the Brewers continued with slowly expanding their lead and preventing the Hunting Armadillos to score. End result 11-0 for the current Cup holder.

Next week Halle Gators will travel to Schoten for the second time these two teams will face each other. Let’s all hope the Easter Bunny brings the sun and victory to the Hunting Armadillos

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