BLL13: Halle Gators Lacrosse vs Hunting Armadillos

3 weeks after the Hunting Armadillos have lost their opening game against Machelen Minotaurs the combination team from Antwerp and Heist-op-den-Berg travelled to Halle. Everyone knows Halle because of Commissaris Witse, the famous Belgian police inspector, but only a few people know that Halle has its own lacrosse team as well: Halle Gators Lacrosse. Both teams still couldn’t manage to win a game this season meaning the losing team would be stuck with the last place at the ranking.

The Gators started well this game by winning the first face off and immediately setting up an attack. The game was open and teams were testing each other out. Luckily for the Hunting Armadillos Imco, Maikel and Matthias manages to score during the first quarter. The second quarter Erwin, Stijn and again Matthias expended the lead to 0-6 at half time. The Hunting Armadillos tought the game was over, but Halle regrouped themselves and pressured down the Hunting Armadillos. Result: during the second halve the Gators scored twice and only got won goal against made by again Matthias.ending this game with a 2-7 win for the Hunting Armadillos.

The Hunting Armadillos learned that a game is only played after the final whistle has been blown and that Maikel is a good backup goalie in case Steve can’t make it or gets injured, like during the last 5 minutes of this game. Next game the will be trhown in front of the lions. Face Off on Sunday 10/03 at 15h00 on the fields where the lion sleeps at night (Stade Gaston Reiff rue Ernest Laurent Braine l’Alleud)

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