Newsletter 2.2013

Heist Hunters Lacrosse vzw is ready to kick ass in 2013 not only on the field but also of the field. To inform our members and supporters the board decided to make a newsletter a month. This is already the second edition of 2013…

Firstly we want to congratulate Pieter-Jan Adrieansens and Ruth Uytterhoeven with the birth of their son Ferre on 18/01/2013. We wish them all the best and hope to see Ferre and his parents soon on one of our activities.

The league started not that well for our men’s team. On 12/02/2013 the Minotaurs surprised everyone by beating our Hunting Armadillos with 5-8. It was a tight game but he Minotaurs were more efficient in front of the goal. This was the only game in February for heist lacrosse as the games of last weekend (24/02/2013) against Buggenhout were cancelled due to the snow. Let’s hope March will bring us more lacrosse and some victories as well.

Because Eastern will be early this year, all the Hunters are selling the chocolate eggs in February. This year we hope to sell even more eggs than last year as we have more members who will sell eggs. If you have not yet bought your bag of eggs, hurry up and order one at your favorite Hunters before the end of the month.

At the end of the month the board will finally try to close the deal with a new sponsor. Although the economic climate isn’t very positive these days we’ve managed to get us invited to tell about our club and sponsor formulas.

The board

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