Preview game weekend 2 (16-17/02/2013)

2013’s Belgian lacrosse season started last weekend with wins for Red Rhinos, Machelen Minotaurs and Braine Lions in their first game. This weekend the Heist Hunters teams won’t come into action, but don’t panic there is still plenty of lacrosse games to watch in Belgium this weekend…

On Sunday a thrilling game will be played between Machelen Minotaurs and Hall’igators Lacrosse at the Heirbaan in Machelen at 15h00. The Gators are ready to take revenge for their 25-0 loss against the Red Rhinos, but the Minotaurs are in a winning mood after they’ve beaten the Hunting Armadillos with 5-7. If the purple team manages to win they remain at the top of the ranking for at least one more week.

On Saturday Buggenhout will be the scene for the opening game of the women’s league. At 13h30 the Bees are eager to win their game against the women’s team of the Red Rhinos and set the good example for the Brewers. But this won’t be easy against the 2012’s women’s cup winner.

At 16h00 the Brewers will face the Rhinos for the first time in 2013. The last time they faced each other the Brewers claimed the victory and brought home the Belgian Cup. Still this won’t guarantee they will defeat the Rhinos again. The red and yellow army haven’t missed their start by sending home Hall’igators with 25-0 last weekend and the Brewers lost their game against the Braine Lions with 6-5, after a horrible first halve. Face of for this thrilling game will be at 16h00 at the fields of FC Lambrecht in Buggenhout.

Also this weekend the BLF will be hosting an Umpire and Referee Course to teach new refs and umps to lead the Belgian game.

17/02/2013 14h00 – 18h00 Umpire clinic by Dorothy Hirsch @ Gent
contact @

16/02/2013 07h45 – 13h45 Referee Clinic by Alex @ Sint-Pieters-Leeuw
17/02/2013 08h00 – 14h00 Referee Clinic by Alex @ Ghent
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