BLL13: Hunting Armadillos vs Machelen Minotaurs

Sunday 10/02/2013 Machelen Minotaurs and Heist Hunters faced each other for their first game of the Belgian Lacrosse League 2013. On Saturday The Rhinos started with a 25-0 win over Hall’igators. Both Minotaurs and Hunting Armadillos were hoping to get the same result as the Rhinos but realized this would be hard as previuos games were tight as well.

Machelen went home with a well deserved win. They showed they’ve improven a lot and managed to withhold the Hunting Armadillos from playing their game they used to do. Their goalie had some marvelous saves and great clearing passes which helped them setting up some nicely played out fast brakes. The Hunting Armadillos didn’t played bad, but they were not great neither.

The season is not over, in fact its just began and lets see what the Hunting Armadillos can do against Buggenhout Brewers, who lossed their opening game against Braine Lions (6-5), on 24/02/2013.

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