Newsletter 1.2013

Heist Hunters Lacrosse vzw is ready to kick ass in 2013 not only on the field but also of the field. To inform our members and supporters the board decided to make a newletter a month. This is the first edition of 2013…  

On January 7th practises started again for men and women on mondays and thursdays form 20h00 – 21h30. New this season is coach Luc who will be leading mondays practises to try to get the Hunters in to a better physical shape.

January not only means the start of a new year, but also closing the previous one. The general assembly will be organised on 25th of january in cafetaria B in De Lichten. This year it will be combined with a reception to open the new year in style. All members are welcome to join as this is your chance to approve or disaprove the way the board manages Heist Hunters Lacrosse vzw. please let us know wether you will be their or not by sending a mail to .

On 20/01/2013 and 17/02/2013 the BLF wil organise a ref and ump course to train players to be a better zebra during the game. As board we want to highlight th efact that knowing the rules of the sport will make you not only be able to reff a game, but also makes you a better player in general. Also it will support the growth of the sport. Info about this will be send to you by Leen, so watch you mailbox.

2012 was a succesfull year for the mens. A 4th place in the BLC12 and a win over the Ghent Goblins together with the Antwerp Armadillos was a big surprise to a lot of people. the goal in 2013 is to find new male members so we can join the BLC13 as an independent mens team again.
As board we know we have to change to higher gear to reach this, but we also want to ask your help in our queste to find new members. Your friends, brothers, nephews, uncles, daddy are potential lacrosse players so start asking them to join us.

Our ladies surprised as well in 2012. At the beginning we had only 2 female members but when 2012 ended we had 19 female members. They joined the BWLC12 to gain experience in the game and played verry wel. We are looking forward to see what our ladies can do in 2013…

In 2012 we started the “Hunters in the picture” program, but only one player was elected. In 2013 we will relaunch this program by presenting you a “Hunter in the picture” at every month-end. So stay tuned for January’s one…

To finish the newsletter we want to wish you all a healty and succesfull 2013.

The board

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