Belgian Cup 2012 – Women

In the last game before the semi finals will take place, our ladies had to face the current leader in the ranking. The Red Rhinos won from both Buggenhout Bees and Ghent Gazelles, both games just with two goals difference. Our ladies did well in their first two games and were eager to win for the first time.

At 11h00 the game started and Rhinos took control of the game. With some good saves from our goalie Mille we could delay the Rhinos scoring the first goal but eventually they did. During the first halve they passed Mille seven times, but despite the score tells you the game was pretty close. Both teams had equal possession of the ball. Rhinos goalie Nathalie Schroeven saved 3 almost certain goals. Luckily for the Hunters Marijke managed to score once, erasing the 0 from the score bord.

The second halve was identical to the first. Both teams had equal possession of the ball, only the Rhinos managed to score more than the Hunters. With Sheila Rom, Kiani De Win, Nathalie Smets, Debby van Noten, Mira Peeters and Nathalie Schroeven the Rhinos had enough experience and skills on the field to secure the win. The Hunters played their best game so far and are growing every game they play. Last week our defensive skills were tested and during this game we needed to work on our clearing.  This resulted in the Hunters Goal of the season (so far). A perfect executed clear starting from Mille, to Lana, to Charlie followed by an assist to Marijke who shot the ball against the nets making her second goal of the game.  Marijke managed to score for a third time as well this game bringing her total to 5 goals this season. End score was 12-3 for the Red Rhinos.

Thumbs up for all Hunters today. We saw great  effort and a good team spirit on the field. If we keep working hard winning will follow soon. Next Sunday we can take revenge for this game. We will face Red Rhinos again for a place in the finals (28/10/2012 @ 15h00 @ SV Mechelsbroek).

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