Belgian Cup 2012 – Men

Last Sunday the quarter finals took place in the Belgian Lacrosse Cup 2012. The Hunting Armadillos welcomed the Ghent Goblins to the field of the Armadillos in Schoten. The weather conditions were fine for a game of lacrosse between the undefeated leader of the second group against the nr 4 of the 1st group. It promised to be a tight game.

At 11h00 the Rhinos referee team started the game. Goblins gained possession of the ball due to great work of LSM Xavier Schietse. The Hunting Armadillos were pushed down and luckily for them Goalie Steve Coremans saved the first goal attempt of the Goblins. Now it was time for the Hunting Armadillos to try to open the score. Erwin van Veen’s shot ended on the post so still no goal. This continued for the first 11 minutes of the game. Some good attacks but the shots weren’t accurate enough to defeat the two goalies (both with saving of 50% or more). Eventually it was Octavian Susnea who managed to get the ball against the nets after an assist from Tom Van Giessen, bringing the Goblins to a 0-1 score. They couldn’t enjoy the for long. Only 3 minutes later it was Imco van Veen who received a pass from his brother and defeated Goblin Goalie Simon De Vos. 1-1 was also the score after Q1 ended.

Q2 started as Q1 finished. Both teams were equal to each other and both goalies kept their goal as clean as possible. Pieter De Baets scored his first game of the quarter after 4 minutes in the second quarter. The Hunting Armadillos were eager to level the score again and created gained more possession pressuring the goblins more and more. Eventually Erwin van Veen managed to get the ball in the nets with 5 minutes to go in the second quarter. In the moment of joy the Hunting Armadillos lost their concentration which resulted in a goal from Tom Van Giessen, bringen the half time score to 2-3 for the green machine.

After some water and team pep talks from coaches and captains both teams were ready for the second halve. The Hunting Armadillos, strengthened by their fans, switch to a higher gear and immediately made the equalizer thanks to Lefty Filip Rammeloo. Goblins seems to still be in the half time break, resulting in another goal by the Hunting Armadillos, Erwin van Veen scored his second of the game. The score was now 4-3 in favor of the home team. This goal woke up the Goblins again. They seriously worked to level the score again with good team work and dominating on the groundballs again. Under the guidance of their player/coach David Pucul they kept the ball on the offensive side of the field resulting in a few goal attempts. Eventually it was Valentijn Daems who brought back the score to 4-4. Although the 5 minutes of good work of the Goblins and the equalizer the Hunting Armadillos were in a good flow, mojo or vibe. This resulted in goals from Maikel Van Steirteghem and Filip Rammeloo bringing the score to a 6-4 lead for the Hunting Armadillos.

Under the loudly guidance of Goblin President Alex De Ter Beerst the Goblins searched for quick two goals to level the score again with only 20 mminutes of game time left. Again Pieter De Baets scored a goal bringing the difference back to only 1 goal. The Goblins fought hard, but this wasn’t always legal acording to the refs. This resulted in a total of 6 minutes of man down situation. This helped the Hunting Armadillos as the Goblins always killed the penalty first before searching for the goal. With 3 minutes to play it was Tom Van Giessen with his second goal of the game to level the score again. The Hunting Armadillos directly remindered the game in Ghent for the competition where they also gave away the game in overtime. So everyone did one step more trying to finish it in the regular game time. Matt Weemaels, Dries Versheuren and Thomas Weemaes had some good opportunities but it was Imco van Veen who decided the game with only six seconds left on the stopwatch. He finished good preparation of Dries Versheuren. Six seconds to play before the Hunting Armadillos finally hunted down the goblins. Maikel Van Steirteghem managed to win his face off just before the referees made the relieving sound to end the game.

It was a good game from both teams, great effort on the field and some nice goals and saves. Next Sunday The Hunting Armadillos will face the Red Rhinos for a place in the finals. Let’s see if they can keep their undefeated status.

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