Belgian Cup 2012 – Women

On Sunday our ladies went to Gent for their second game of the season. Perfect weather conditions and we had 14 ladies on the roster. These were all good circumstances to play a hell of a game against the defending champion.

Directly from the first whistle it became clear the Gazelles were better than the Hunters. Although Karolien won the draft initially, the Gazelles regained possession and dominated the game. After two quick goals our ladies were instructed to use this game as a good practice for the next one and to not bother the end result. That’s what they did and every minute they became a little bit better in running their defense. As said the end result was not important. Yes we loosed with 16-0, but we learned a lot and had fun during and after the game. That’s the spirit of lacrosse and that’s the spirit of a real Hunter.

A big cheer for goalie Mille: She blocked some good shots and prepared some nice clears.  Also Lana, Leen and Celine played very good, learning from every attack play the Gazelles done. Our middies Estelle, Jolien, Swerts, Stefanie, Fanny, Karolien, Jana and Dorien played like heroines as well by keeping running after those fast Gazelles trying to hunt them down and when they’ve gained possession they’ve settled up some nice attacks and cutted on the right moments towards the goal. Vicky and Marijke did their best keeping the ball in attack and set up our plays. Unluckily we didn’t manage to score but we came close by hitting the post of the goal once.     

So let’s practice hard again the upcoming week so we will be ready for the Rhinos next Saturday (11h00), our third game of the season. After that game the season starts for real with the semi final…

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