Belgian Cup 2012 – Men

On Saturday the Hunting Armadillos faced Hall’igators lacrosse for their second and last game in the group stage of the Belgian Cup 2012. After they’ve won the first game vs Machelen Minotaurs they needed to win this game as well to end first in the group. Finishing as first of the group means they should face the nr 4 of group A (Ghent Goblins).

Despite the bad weather conditions all Hunting Armadillos knew what to do and were focused at the beginning of the game…  After three quick goals and a good structured defense the first quarter showed the win was secured. The Hall’igators played well but the Hunting Armadillos were simply better. Too bad the players forgot to expand the score and try new plays. Instead they forgot all basics of lacrosse which made the game tougher than needed. Although the Hunting Armadillos managed to score some goals, the Hall’igators fought back and shows they were not that bad as well. For example all  the face offs of the game were won by Kevin Appelmans of Hall’igators and Steve Coremans had to do some great saves to prevent the Green boys from scoring more than they’ve did.

Eventually the score ended with a 2-9 win for the Hunting Armadillos, but for next game against Ghent Goblins it won’t be that easy as last Saturday. So quickly forget about how this game was won and focus for next game in the quarter finals.

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