Belgian Cup 2012 – Ladies

Finally the season started at last… On Sunday the 7th of October our teams played their first game of the Belgian Cup 2012. The boys still together with the Armadillos had to face Machelen Minotaurs for the first game in division 2. Later that day our Ladies were eager to show their skills to the world, in their first official BLF game against Buggenhout Bees. The weather conditions were fine, the grass was freshly mowed and the lines were as perfect as always, so no excuse for not having a great Lacrosse day in Heist-op-den-Berg.

After 3 month of hard work on practice Heist Hunters was ready to play their first BLF game. Reinforced with the Ladies from Braine Lions they were anxious to measure themselves with the Bees. But thanks to the support of the fans that show up and a pep talk of the captain the ladies were ready.

Karolien started the game good by pushing the ball towards a teammate with the draw. Being the first team with possession of the ball is always a good sign. The first 5 minutes were pretty chaotic with the ball going up and down the field very fast. It seems like both team wanted to score the first goal. After first missing a good attack, the Hunters managed to score the first goal of the game. Vicky finalized a nice attack. Not much later Karolien scored her first goal of the season as well, bringing the score to 2-O. Everyone was surprised by the start the Hunters took. But the bees managed to score as well. Goalie Mille first saved a shot from the Bees but in the next attack they managed to score after a nice crease roll. Only 30 seconds later they scored again identical to the first goal, only now the umpires cancelled the goal due to propelling. During the 2 minutes of man up the Hunters manage to score again, by Vicky. The bees Scored goals as well. Half time score was 4-2 for the Hunters.

The second half the Hunters fought hard to defend the lead, and even expand it. Stefanie finished a perfect cut and again Vicky and Marijke scored another time. However the Bees were getting better as well and managed to score as well. With 10 minutes to play the score was still in advance for the Hunters: 7-6. During the Time out some last tips were given, but It couldn’t help keeping the points in Heist-op-den-Berg. The individual skills of the Bees helped them winning the game with 7-9.

Too bad we couldn’t win this game, but if we keep working hard, the winning part will come for sure. For now we should remember all stuff we’ve learned. We received a lot of compliments about our playing strategy. Let’s see if this will help us during our next game against the Gazelles on Sunday 14/10/2012 as well.

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