Belgian Cup 2012 – Men

Finally the season started at last… On Sunday the 7th of October our teams played their first game of the Belgian Cup 2012. The boys still together with the Armadillos had to face Machelen Minotaurs for the first game in division 2. Later that day our Ladies were eager to show their skills to the world, in their first official BLF game against Buggenhout Bees. The weather conditions were fine, the grass was freshly mowed and the lines were as perfect as always, so no excuse for not having a great Lacrosse day in Heist-op-den-Berg.

At 11h00 Michael Van Steirteghem was bending over to try to win the first face of this game and he did. The Hunting Armadillos gained possession of the ball and immediate tried to force the goal. Due to good goalie work by the Minotaurs goalie it took some time before the bal went into the net. Both Michael and Erwin managed to score in the first quarter.

The Hunting Armadillos knew the game was not yet played. Coach Thomas warned everyone to not let the Minotaurs get back in the game. Despite the warnings Machelen took over control during the second quarter. After they leveled the score again the Hunting Armadillos woke up and started playing lacrosse again. Half time score was 3-2.

The third quarter was the best quarter of the game. The Hunting Armadillos somehow managed to settle the game and build up some nice attacks. The Minotaurs did not manage to get out of their defense often and goals came finally thanks to Filip, Michael, Stijn and Dominick, bringing the score to 7-2.

The last quarter’s both teams had a lot of opportunities to score goals but again both goalies prevented the ball going against the nets. Erwin managed to score once more and during the last 5 minutes the Minotaurs managed to score two goals also.

Final score of the game was 8-4. We learned a lot, gained experience and confidence which will be helpful for the upcoming game against Halle on Saturday 13/10/2012. If the Hunting Armadillos manage to win that game they will end first in their group which means they will face the nr 4 of the first group (Ghent Goblins or Braine Lions)

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