Lacrosse calendar autumn 2012

The BLF published the schedule for this years Cup. Things have changed since the last edition new teams are joining, other teams quited and more important the BLF changed the format of the cup. 

4 women teams will compete for the Belgian Womens Lacrosse Cup 2012 (BWLC12). Next to our ladies Buggenhout Bees, Red Rhinos and Ghent Gazelles wil face each other in a single competition group stage. After the groupstage there will be a play off system to determine who will be the winner.

7 Men teams will join this Belgian Cup divided in two groups. Red Rhinos, Ghent Gobllins, Buggenhout Brewers and the Braine Lions are electerd to be in group 1. Machelen Minotaurs, Hall’igators and our boys together with the Armadillos are placed in group 2.
after a single competition the nr 1 of group 1 is automatically placed for the semi final. the other teams will face each other in the quarter finals to see which other 3 teams will go through to the semi final.

Normally on the weekend of 3 and 4 of November we will know who gets the cup this year. Below you can find the calender of the Belgian Cup and other game related dates for the Heist Hunters and Hunting Armadillos. 

Date Time Gender Home Away Ref
21/09/2012 16h00 M Buggenhout Brewers Ghent Goblins Red Rhinos
22/09/2012 11hh0 M Machelen Minotaurs Hall’igators Buggenhout Brewers
22/09/2012 14h00 M Braine Lions Red Rhinos  Ghent Goblins
29/09/2012   M Newcomers Tournament Nijmegen
29/09/2012   V Newcomers Tournament Nijmegen
06/10/2012 11h00 V Red Rhinos Ghent Gazelles Buggenhout Bees
06/10/2012 14h00 M Red Rhinos Ghent Goblins Buggenhout Brewers
07/10/2012 11h00 M Hunting Armadillos Machelen Minotaurs Hall’igators
07/10/2012 14h00 M Braine Lions Buggenhout Brewers Red Rhinos
07/10/2012 14h30 V Heist Hunters Buggenhout Bees Ghent Gazelles
13/10/2012 13h30 V Buggenhout Bees Red Rhinos  Heist Hunters
13/10/2012 14h00 M Hall’igators Lacrosse Hunting Armadillos Machelen Minotaurs
13/10/2012 16h00 M Buggenhout Brewers Red Rhinos  Ghent Goblins
14/10/2012 12h30 V Ghent Gazelles Heist Hunters Red Rhinos
14/10/2012 15h00 M Ghent Goblins Braine Lions Hunting Armadillos
20/10/2012 11h00 V Red Rhinos Heist Hunters Ghent Gazelles
21/10/2012 12h30 V Ghent Gazelles Buggenhout Bees Red Rhinos
20-21/10/2012   M 1P2 4P1 1P1
20-21/10/2012   M 2P2 3P1 Hunting Armadillos
20-21/10/2012   M 3P2 2P1 Braine Lions
27-28/10/2012   M Semi finals Semi finals Semi finals
27-28/10/2012   V Semi finals Semi finals Semi finals
3-4/11/2012   M Finals Finals Finals
3-4/11/2012   V Finals Finals Finals

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