Hunters Trophy – Schedule

This Sunday The Hunters Trophy will take place… 4 men teams and 2 women teams will play games to determine who is the winner of the Hunters Trophy 2012. Next to a lot of lacrosse there will be a BBQ qfter the tournament as well for players, fans and friends.

schedule of the day…

08h30 locker rooms and cafetaria will be open
09h30 Red Rhinos vs Machelen Minotaurs
10h30 Hunting Armadillos vs Goblinators
11h30 Red Rhinos vs Hunting Armadillos
12h30 Red Rhinos (v) vs Heist Hunters (V)
13h30 Machelen Minotaurs vs Goblinators
14h30 Red Rhinos vs Goblinators
15h30 Machelen Minotaurs vs Hunting Armadillos
16h30 Heist Hunters (V) vs Red Rhinos (V)
17h00 BBQ

This event will take place on the fields of KSK heist Complex B, Dophei, 2221 Pijpelheide.

Because of Pijpelheide Kermis, some roads can be blocked during the day.

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