BWLC12: Prediction Heist Hunters

The Belgian Lacrosse Cup for woman will be organised for the 2nd time as well. Last year the same teams were active in the best of three final. This year all 4 teams are competing independent to try to win the cup. Heist Hunters president Erwin van Veen was willing to answer following questions about his opinion about women’s lacrosse.

what do you expect from your own team this cup season?

We are getting experienced in joining competitions for the first time and due to that fact we won’t expect a lot. The goals are set basic (no forfeiting games or ref games and getting more experienced for next season). Nevertheless we hope to surprise of course…

What do you think of the Belgian Women’s lacrosse Cup in general?

Last year we saw the Gazelles were the best team on the fields, but I can’t stop thinking about the evolution the Rhinos made. The difference between their first and last game was really huge.
In general I think it’s good for the development of women’s lacrosse that we know have a 4 team competition creating more games to play.

 Who will be the player of the season this year?

Again its hard to pick one out to mark as the player of the Cup. Mainly due to the fact I don’t know all of them. Therefore I will pick up one of our own girls.
We have Vicky and Leen who are the experienced ones of our team and Tiffany and Shirley have also gained experience last year with the Hunting Bees. I Think Lana Van Deinze will be our player of the season. She is fast, skilled and not affraid to play the sport.

So now about your prediction of this years Cup.. What would your ranking looks like at the end of December?

 4 Buggenhout Bees

 I saw them last year and noticed at the end of the season the team spirit was gone. Also Vicky and Leen, not that unimportant last season, are now playing for the Hunters. They will win from us during the group stage but with the 3rd/4th place final we will be to strong for them, hopefully.

 3 Heist Hunters

 Our first season, first 4 games will be about learning and adapting and then in the 3rd/4th place final we will be ready to get a win.

 2 Red Rhinos

I hope the goalies will be recovered in time otherwise these injuries will be a pain in the ass. Stilthey will be able to make it the gazelles harder than last year. But winning from them in the final won’t happen I think.

 1 Ghent Gazelles

 This year they will finish as the best team, due to amount of talented individuals, but they have to watch the others more and more as the gap in skill level will be smaller and smaller. If they manage to find someone who can get them working as a team, they will be unstoppable for the coming years.

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