report friendly Machelen Minotaurs 17/08/2012

Last Friday the Hunting Armadillos had their first game since they finished the BLL12 at the end of May. Due to the holidays and exams they couldn’t fix a full team of their own and therefore they asked some players of Ghent and Halle to join this friendly game. The opponent, Machelen Minotaurs, were exited to play a game as well, so two teams ready to kick some ass during this wonderful summer evening scrimmage.

Both the teams took this game to introduce the sport to some new players. At the Hunting Armadillos Glenn Nassel played his first game after he started playing lacrosse just after the league ended. Together with his team mates the Hunting Armadillos, reinforced with Goblins (3) and Hall’igators (3) had some trouble finding each other during the first quarter. Basic lacrosse play was ok, but they missed a lot of opportunities due to good goalie work by the Minotaurs goalie, bad shots and inaccurate passes. The Minotaurs defended pretty well and were also dangerous on their attack side, leading to a well deserved 1-0 lead. Somehow this goal was an alarm for the Hunting Armadillos to react and set things straight by scoring the equalizer, and they did. After the score was back to even the things stay the same as before. The Hunting Armadillos trying to create more scoring opportunities, and Machelen being dangerous on the counter attack. No goals were made in the remaining of the first quarter and all players were happy to drink some weld deserved fresh water during the break.

The second quarter was practically the same as the first one. Hunting Armadillos had lots of changes, but couldn’t score. And the Minotaurs did managed to score a goal, getting a 2-1 lead. The Hunting Armadillos asked a time-out to set things straight. Switched some positions and were ready to change the score in to their advantage. This resulted in a quick equalizer followed by another goal making the half time score 2-3 for the blue and white boys.

During the third and fourth quarter the hunting armadillos managed to expend the score and prevented Machelen to score goals resulting in a 2-6 win. Nevertheless both teams were happy with the result of the game, knowing there strengths and weaknesses so they can still work on it before the Belgian Cup starts in September.

“As said prior to this game we were curious to find out the level of the Minotaurs. During the game we noticed they grew a lot if we compare it to the previous friendly we’ve played against them. We shall have to work hard, together with the Armadillos, to not get beaten by our friends of Machelen during the cup. Today we had some good reinforcements joining us, but we know we have some good players who couldn’t join today’s game as well. I know one thing for sure Machelen will be a “pain-in the-ass” opponent to defeat for all the teams during the Cup, but I am looking forward to it!”  was the reaction of Heist Hunters president Erwin van Veen.

Both Hunting Armadillos and Machelen Minotaurs will face each other again prior to the start of the Belgian Cup 2012 at the Hunters Trophy 2012 on Sunday 02/09/2012 at the home field of Heist Hunters Lacrosse.


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