Mens season preparation

Wednesday 15/08/2012, in two days the first friendly game to get prepared for the Belgian Cup is scheduled for the Hunting Armadillos. Machelen Minotaurs have invited our mens team to play a friendly preparation game on their home turf in Machelen (Heirbaan 10). Face off will be at 21h00.

Machelen Minotaurs are eager to prepare themselves to be the surprise of this years cup season as they are the youngest team in competition. to get themselves prepared they want to play as much games as possible.
The Hunting Armadillos at the other hand are curious to see if their skill level has been upgraded after a summer filled with lots of stickskill practises. Can they manage to maintain their level from practise, but know under pressure during a game.

Both teams will be missing some players due to hollidays and the upcoming exams, but still they look forward to play their first minutes of lacrosse this season.

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