Heist Hunters menteam and Antwerp Armadillos, temporarily merges into Hunting Armadillos

Monday 23/07/2012 Heist Hunters and Antwerp Armadillos will renew their cooperations to participate in this years Belgian Lacrosse Cup 2012. After a succesfull campaign during the Belgian League 2012 both Heist and Antwerp wanted to continue as a combined team. Because they will merge for the Cup, the name will be no longer Heist Hunters, but Hunting Armadillos.

“Its the best solution for both the Hunters and Armadillos as we, somehow, don’t have enough players to get a roster of 12 players per game as individual teams. The Hunters have 18 players on their roster and the Armadillos have 8, meaning together we have a good filled roster. The Armadillos have some good experienced guys and also some new interested players like we have as well. Lets hope this will help both teams to join the league as independent teams to ensure the growth of Belgian Lacrosse.” was the first reaction of Hunters president Erwin van Veen.

The merging of these teams still has to get the approval of the BLF, but normally this won’t be a problem.

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