BWLL12: Hunting Bees vs Red Rhinos

Last Saturday the Hunting Bees faced the rhinos for the second time in 8 days. After they’ve managed to win the first game, they had to win this game as well to still have a change to win the BWLL12. However the Rhinos were eager to win their last game of the league. Again 4 Hunters joined this game: Vicky, Tiffany, Leen and Shirley.

At 14h00 the drawn was taken. And the Rhinos immediate showed for what they’ve traveled to Buggenhout: Winning this game. And they did. The Hunting bees were far from their normal level.

With some good attacks and great groundball plays the Rhinos managed to get some balls in the net. At the other side the Rhino defense managed to disable Vicky from scoring goals especially Debby Van Noten (# 15) played a good game as the defensive leader of the Rhinos.

Because of the 3-11 loss the Ghent Gazelles are the winner of the first BWLL. But The Hunting Bees still have a chance to be the first team to defeat the Green girls fromsGhent.

Next game: Sunday 20/05/2012 @ 12h30:

Ghent Gazelles vs Hunting Bees at Russ Noorderlaan 10, 9000Gent

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