BLL12: Braine Lions vs Heist Hunters

With only 2 games to play till the end of the BLL12 the Hunters were facing the Braine Lions Lacrosse club. Both teams didn’t manage to win a game in regular time yet. At the field of the Braine Lions both teams were ready to show what they can.

From the first minute the Lions overruled the Hunters on all aspects of the game. They won most groundbals, had a lot of possesion and managed to set up some nice attacks resulting in goals. the Hunters had difficulty to find the open man and set up their plays. However by some great saves from Steve and a lot off effort by Hunters MVP’s Bram, Timo and Dominick they manage to only loss with 6-0 after 80 minutes of lacrosse.

Today the Hunters were learned a lesson in the basics of lacrosse. If you can’t keep the ball in the air, and you aren’t able to win the groundballs you can’t score goals and win games. So remind this lesson and work hard on mondays practise cause there is still one chance left to win a game in regular time, althought it would be hard against the current nr 1 in the ranking: Red Rhinos.

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