BLL12: Heist Hunters vs Ghent Goblins

On the 6th of May the Hunters faced the green lacrosse team fromGhentfor the second time in this league. With a loss in overtime inGhentthe Hunters were eager to keep the three points in Heist to secure their 5th place in the ranking. However the Goblins needed the win in their quest for the 3rd place.

At 15h00 the Rhino Ref team started the game. Immediately the Hunters gained possession and manage to score by a nice action of Michael van Steirteghem.  3 minutes later it was again Michael whose shot was in the goal doubling the score to 2-0.  It seems the Goblins were shocked by what happened. Just second before the end of the first quarter they manage to score the 2-1.

During the other three quarters the game was tight. Some moments the Goblins were really pressuring the Hunters defence and the other moment the Hunters settled up some nice attacks. Although the score was close, the game was played fair on both sides. The Goblins managed to turn the 2-0 into 2-5 and maintained the 3 goals lead during the game. At the end the Hunters tried hard, by coming back to 7-8, but eventually the Goblins won with 7-9.

It was a good game from the Hunters, but more important it was a good test for next weeks game vs Braine Lions which they can’t effort to loose if they don’t want to finish last in the BLL12.

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