Kennismakingsdag a BIG SUCCES

On Sunday the 6th of May the Hunters organised the « Kennismakingsdag » for the second time. At 11h00 both male and female Hunters gave basic clinic to people who are interested in playing lacrosse. Next to that it was the ideal moment to find new members for their men and women teams.

10 new girls were present for the women’s lacrosse clinic. Together with the help of girls from Red Rhinos and Ghent Gazelles and the support of the Belgian Lacrosse Federation, Vicky and Leen explained all fundamentals of women’s lacrosse. After 2 hours of hard work they all signed up for more information about joining the team. So lets hope we will manage to get a full women’s team joining the Belgian Women’s Lacrosse Cup 2012.

At the men’s clinic Imco and Maarten had 5 interested persons joining them. Two 11 year old boys, who already joined us with previous activities and 3 new guys were fully equipped playing lacrosse on the field. They learned how to cradle, scoop, pass and shoot in the 2 hours taking clinic. Probably some of them will be joining us during the last two games of this season.

With a potential of 15 new members we can say this day was a huge success for the club. If you are also interested in playing lacrosse this is the best time to join us.

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