BWLL12: Red Rhinos vs Hunting Bees

May 5th, was D day for the Hunting Bees. After the loss against the Gazelles they have to win twice from the Red Rhinos to still be in the race for winning the League. 4  Hunters joined this game. Vicky, Tiffany, Leen and Shirley were ready to defeat the Rhinos.

At 11h30 the drawn was taken. And although the task was clear, the Rhinos played well and managed to make it difficult for the Hunting Bees. No one thought before the game the half time score should have been 2-2, but it was.

It seems that halftime came handy because during the second halve the Hunting Bees were finally able to play their game. Thanks to three goals by our own Vicky the Hunting Bees managed to win the game with 5-9.

Although they’ve won this game they should play a lot better next two games if they want to win the title this year.

Next game: Saturday 12/05/2012 @ 14h00:

Hunting Bees vs Red Rhinos @ FC Lambrecht Stenenmolenstraat in Buggenhout

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