BLL12: Hunting down the Spartiates from Lille – part 2

Sunday 15/04/2012 the Lille Spartiates came to Heist for a good day of lacrosse. The Sun was shining, lines were drawn and fans were ready so let’s play… The last encounter ended up in a 19-2 score for the team from France.  Not 9 Hunters like the last time, but 15 hunters where at the start of this Sunday’s game, which had some strong reinforcements in their team.

The first quarter started with a demonstration of the power from the French team. After a good steel in the French defense François Labbé managed to score on the fast break after only 55 second in the game. After another goal by François Labbé and Maxime Chelinski the Hunters faced a 0-3 score. After 15 minutes of play Joe Vetere was able to hit the nets after a good individual action. Just second before the end of the first quarter Thomas Larquemain managed to level up the difference to three goals again.

The second quarter the tide started to turn for both teams. The Spartiates only managed to score 1 goal (who else then François Labbé) and despite the good effort the Hunters did not managed to get the ball to the nets neither.

This resulted in a 1-5 score at halftime, so nothing was won or lost for both teams. The Hunters and Spartiates fought hard during the third quarter for every ball. After 3 goals from again François Labbé (bringing his total to 6 goals) the Hunters faced a 1-8 score. Still they did not want to give up this game. The attack was ordered to pressure the Spartiates defense more which resulted in a goal for Stijn Winckelmans. Only 1 minute later Erwin van Veen managed to get the ball behind the French goalie with an assist from Maikel Cnop.

With only 20 minutes on the clock the hunters faced a 5 goal loss. The hunters tried to score by changing the tactics from long distance shots into setting up the attack and find open players, more close to the goal. All the hard work paid off thanks to two assisted goals made by Kristof Van Gils, and Joe Vetere. Not much later Benoit Brassart scored the 9th goal for the Spartiates leveling up the difference to a save margin of 4 goals with only 7 minutes on the game time left. The Hunters tried and created some good scoring opportunities, but the goalie Seb had some great saves.  Finally with jus 2 minutes on the clock Timo Dewin managed to shake the nets, making his first goal in his first game of the season. All Hunters tried even more believing in doing the unexpected, especially after Joe Vetere making his 3rd goal of the game, but the time ran out. Final score of the game: 7-9 for the French team.

The game was like a good action movie: starting with a spectacular beginning followed by some storytelling in the middle, to set the mood for slow build up intension and finally ending with a gigantic exciting explosion of tension.

Good gameLille, Good game refs, thank you fans and Hunters let’s hunt them… DOWN!


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