BLL12: Hunters go down after a tight game 4-3 (OT1)

Saturday the 24th of march the Heist hunters played their 5th game of the Belgian Lacrosse League 2012. The more experienced Goblins from Ghent were the team they would face.  Troubles on the road (burning gas station on the E40) resulted in some problems for the Hunters line-up, only 10 players made it to the battlefield in Ghent where 14 Goblins were ready to make it a hard game.

After 5 minutes in the game the Goblins took the lead with a nice play. But with the hard work from “rookie boy” Dominick Schroyens and others, the Hunters managed to level the score.
They couldn’t enjoy  it for that long though as the Goblins kept the pressure up  and made the nets shake with another nice goal. Thanks to the effort of both goaltenders and the lack of finishing by Ghent, the score remained the same for a long period of time.
During the 4th period, Heist started setting up some attacks that resulted in two goals by the van Veen Brothers. With 11 minutes left in the game, Ghent decided to give it all to get the equalizer on the board. Despite the defensive efforts from the whole team, Heist was unable to clear the ball and saw the Goblins score the 3-3 with only 2 minutes left on the game clock.
The golden goal based overtime didn’t take long, as the Goblins scored their 4th and final goal.

A nice and unexpected point for the hunters and a surprise for most people. Will the Hunters be able to surprise the Lille Spartiates as well? Feel free to check it out @ de Dophei in Pijpelheide on the 15th of april..


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