Roadtrip to France

On Sunday 18/03/2012, 9 Hunters and 2 Armadillos loaded their cars for a fully loaded lacrosse day. Departure from Heist op den Berg was scheduled at 11h00, so all players should arrive in Lille at approximately 12h45, just in time for a quick gear up and a good warm up.

With only 9 men on the game roster the Hunters knew it would became hard to win this game. If you ask me always playing men down against good scoring attack men as Lille has in their team is not the best game plan for winning the game.

Although the Hunters played a very good first quarter by scoring two times the equalizer,Lillehad an easy Sunday afternoon. End score was 19-2 for the Spartiates, but the hunters didn’t return home empty handed. Europe Lacrosse Store delivered the gear Heist Hunters ordered so the road trip had some use.

Luckily for the Hunters, the Lions didn’t manage to win also, so the Hunters have still possession of the 5th place of the rank. Next week Heist will travel to Ghent. The Goblins are currently ranked as 4th of the league. If they manage to win from the Green lax team Heist will swap places with the Goblins and become the 4th team in the league.

Will Heist Hunters manage to win from the Ghent Goblins? Come and see it yourself: Saturday 24/03/2012 at Stadion Russ, Noorderlaan 10, 9000 Gent. Face Off @ 11h30.


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