BWLL12: Gazelles overrules Hunting Bees in first game of the league

The first ever women’s league game was between the Ghent Gazelles (winners of the BWLC 11) and the Hunting Bees. Hunters Leen, Tiffany and Vicky join the Buggenhout Bees team to get game experience. At 14h00 in Buggenhout the Rhinos Umpire team started the game with the draw.

Tiffany, only playing lacrosse for 4 weeks, was ready to play her first game. After some extra tips given by Vicky and Leen on Thursday’s practise and joining the Bees practise on Friday she was ready to shine on the field. And she did, she got chosen MVP of the Hunting Bees.  Leen played a good solid game in defence by preventing the Gazelles making more goals and Vicky was not bad as well scoring her first goal this season (with her weak hand).

Nevertheless the more experienced Gazelles managed to win the game with 5-9. There are 3 more games to play, so everything is still possible for the Hunting Bees.

The next game will be in May, meaning many practises will come to improve the stick skills and game sense.

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