Injuries gets some Hunters down

After only two matches have been played in the Belgian Lacrosse League 2012, Heist Hunters is already down with 3 players due to injuries. Two of them are suspected to take a long and slow revalidation.

Attacker Imco van Veen is out for multiple weeks after the doctors have told him his shoulder has to heal first before damaging it even more. The healing process can take from weeks upon even months before it’s finished. Doctors think Imco might continue passing and throwing from mid march, but shooting and contact are not allowed.

Defensemen and beauty queen Nick Nuyts is out with probably a twisted knee.  Doctors have to wait till the MRI has been taken before they can diagnose the problem for sure. In worst case his knee will be fixed with an operation, meaning Nick will be out for the rest of the year. This is the worst case scenario, so hopefully it won’t be that bad.

All-round lacrosse player Maikel Cnop is the last injured Hunter. After being just recovered from an ankle injury he is now out due to a piece of the Harrow Howitzer shaft in his arm.  After being stitched last Sunday, he is eager to play this Sunday against his friends of the Red Rhinos. The only concern is: will the wound be healed in time?

Lets hope all injured Hunters will be on the field soon. Good luck guys with the recovery.

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