Sunday 11/03/2012 Game Day @ Heist

On Sunday 11/03/2012 The Hunters will be hosting 2 games on the fields of KsK Heist Ladies, Dophei 2221 Pijpelheide.

At 14h00 Machelen Minotaurs will face I Raiders in the second game of the Developmùent League. Will Machelen be able to defaet the youngsters of ISB Raiders?

At 17h00 the Batlle of Antwerp will be played. Heist Hunters and Antwerp Armadillos will welcome the neighbours from Bonheiden for the 3rd game of the league. Can they write history by being the first belgina team who defeatrs the Red Rhinos.

You are all welcome to find out, income is free and cafetaria will be open from 12h00.

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