Imco van Veen elected as BLF player of the week

As a reward to his 4 goals and 1 assist in the game against the Braine Lions, Imco has the honour to be the first Hunter who is elected as mens BLF’s player of the week and also to be the first of the BLL12. On our Thursday practise we informed Imco with this great news.

Imco congratulations with your election, how does it makes you feel?

“thank you, I was lucky to get 4 goals and 1 assist, but the most important thing is we have won this game and acted as a team. I wan’t to highlight the win was realy a teameffort. We fought hard and putted the lions under pressure a lot.”

Where do you think the Hunters will end this season?

“Hopefully we can grow in this league, as we did last year during the Cup, and collect some more points in the remaining games this season. We have some new players so our roster has been expanded, also the guys from Antwerp brings us more experience in the field. Most important is we all get more experienced in playing lacrosse and have fun doing it, because its our hobby.”

You can see the Heist Hunters playing their next BLL12 game on Sunday 04/03/2012 at Merksem (sportcentrum Ettienne Leclef Laarsebaan 400 2170 Merksem). Opponent will be Buggenhout Brewers and Face Off will be at 15h00.

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