BLL12: Hunters Hunted down the Lions 6-5 (OT2)

Last Sunday The Heist Hunters played their first game of the BLL12 against the Braine Lions. Due to the bad weather of the last weeks the game moved to the artificial field at Sporthal Keerbergen.

At 15h00 sharp the refs from Buggenhout blew on their whistle for the first face off of the game. Immediately we noticed that both teams matched each other. A lot of running up and down the filed with the ball, and a lot of nervousness by the players leaded to an open game but no goals in the first 15 minutes. After the Hunters took their time out to discuss some tactical stuff, they managed to open the score with a good shot from Imco. Unfortunately for the Hunters, Braine succeeded in scoring almost immediately after the opening goal. Lions coach Vince managed to win the face off and scored the equalizer after a perfect executed fast break. Score: 1-1, after 20 minutes of lacrosse.

Although the Hunters had a lot of possession of the ball they couldn’t change this into goals. Braine was highly efficient and managed to score 2 goals in both a men up situation. Just before the end of the first half it was again Imco who found the way to the goal, after receiving a pass from Maikel and bringing th ehalf time score to 2-3.

The third quarter was almost similar to the previous ones. The Hunters having a lot of possession but the Lions were more dangerous in front of the goal. The Hunters Defence and goalie prevented the Lions from expanding their lead several good saves and checks. Only Vince managed to score. With his 2nd goal of the game, after a good rush, he lifted up the diiference till two goals again at the end of Q3.

20 minutes left to convert a 2-4 disadvantage in to a win for the Hunters was the job they had to do in the last quarter and like it was a written script in a wannabe Oscar nominated movie the Hunters managed to do it… With again two goals from Imco and a good shot from Michael the Hunters were leading the game with 5-4 with only 5 minutes left in the game. Unluckily the Lions directly made the equalizer. Despite a lot of pressure, from the Hunters, during the last 3 minutes of the game the game ended in a 5-5 tie so overtime should determine who will win this game.

2 times 4 minutes with the principle of a golden goal made it hard to choose what to do during the game. Putting everything in order to make the goal or make sure the Lions could not make theirs. This resulted in no goals during the first over time period. The last over time period started and the Hunters decided to play all or nothing. The managed to win the face off and settled their attack play. Finally after an assist from Michael, Erwin scored the winning goal after 85.12 minutes of lacrosse.

Helmets and gloves were thrown in the air.  Relieve and gladness was big because the Hunters won their first game for the BLL12.  The best scenario writers in Hollywood could learn something from this game. Both teams made it a pleasant game to watch untill the last second.

In 14 days the next opponent will be the Brewers from Buggenhout at the fields of Antwerp Armadillos. The Brewers are currently ranked as 6th in the league after a 17-6 loss against defending champion Red Rhinos, but after only one round is played the rank won’t tell us much.

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