Gijsbrecht NV renews sponsorship for 2012

Gijsbrechts NV has renewed the sponsorship contract for 2012. After a short firts year where Gijsbrechts NV financed the purchase of the BLC11 T-shirts and playergifts in 2011. Next to that they also financed our reversible tenue, which will be used during the BLL12 starting this weekend.

For 2012 they will help us with the purchase of club gear, which helps with the growth of the club as we lend this to our new members, until they’ve purchased their own gear. With the sponsorship of Gijsbrechts NV we can give back the borrowed gear of the BLF.

We are glade our main sponsor renewed his sponsorship, because this is like a reward for us, as board. We have worked hard since May 2011 to make sure Heist Hunters Lacrosse vzw will be a good structured Lacrosse club and If your main sponsor resigns the sponsorcontract it tells you it was all worth it. 
Now we only have to make sure the goals we have set can be achived before the deadline. So there is still a lot of work to be done, especially for our womensteam.” According to  Erwin van Veen after the succesfull meeting at Gijsbrechts NV.

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