Men – Match Reports 2011-2012

Home: Buggenhout Brewers, Kings Lacrosse
Away: Lille Spartiates

Lille Spartiates vs Heist Hunters Lacrosse (16-3) League Match 2011-11-06

Although everyone says the 5th of November is a date to remember, The Heist Hunters were only focussed on the 6th of November. This day the Hunters had to travel to Lille for their 5th game this cup season. After they managed to win from the Kings (8-5) and loosing from the Hall’igators (1-9), Brewers (0-13), Goblins (0.15) and no goals scored the last 160 minutes, they didn’t had much believe in a positive outcome of this game. Nevertheless 10 Hunters and 2 fans drove almost 2 hours to get “slaughtered” by the Spartiates.

With only 10 Hunters on the roster and around 15 Spartiates on the field the Hunters knew they had to play it smart today. Trying to have as much possession of the ball as possible and set up attacks slowly so the middies won’t have to sprint from one site of the pitch to the other during the whole game. It seems logic in theory but in real it is really not evident to do for a beginning team.
Directly with the first face off all players noticed groundball were not easy to win today as they played on a “bumpy” field. All GB’s were transformed into little wars. Let’s say Lille had more experience playing on this field which resulted in a very quick 3-0 lead. The Hunters defence learned from their mistakes during the first 3 goals and tried to not make them anymore during the game. After a good clear from the Hunters defence, Hunters Captain Bram Verbruggen managed to score his third goal of the season after receiving a pas from Maikel Cnop. The Hunters were glade they finally scored a goal and were eager to score more… And almost they managed to score a second time just seconds after the 3-1, but Imco van Veen’s shot landed on the post. The Spartiates recaptured the ball and with a fast break they managed to score the 4-1…
The Spartiates continued scoring during the game and the Hunters were getting better in team defending every minute. Not only goalie Jeffrey saved some good shots, also defensemen Jonah and Yannick managed to save some shots with their body and/or stick. In Q3 they even managed to score a second time and what a goal it was. Imco scored while he was running away from the goal and under hands. The third quarter ended with a 12-2 lead for the Spartiates.
In the last Quarter Lille managed to score four times more and Hunters Coach Erwin scored his first D-pole goal ever in a BLF game bringing the end score to a 16-3 win for the Spartiates, who are finished in the group stage after playing already six games.

The Spartiates are ready for Boxmania next weekend before they have to travel to Buggenhout again to play their semi final against the Brewers on 19/11/2011. The Hunters are only one game away from achieving their goals for this season (no forfeits and not ending last). On 12/11/2011 they will visit the defending cup champion and current number 1 in the group stage for their last game of the year, hoping the lessons learned today will help them against the undefeated Rhinos.

Heist Hunters Lacrosse vs Buggenhout Brewers (0-13) League Match 2011-10-23

Heist Hunters hosted their second home game for the Belgian Cup 2011 on Sunday the 23rd of October at 15h00. After playing against Kings Lacrosse the week before with temperature around 0°C, today the sun raised the temperature around 15°C. With other words perfect circumstances for a good Lacrosse game.

During the first quarter both teams were equal to each other. The Hunters had more possession of the ball, but the Brewers were able to shoot more on the goal. This resulted in a 0-1 lead for the Brewers.

Meantime the Rossel-brothers arrived in Heist as well, meaning temporally goalie Nick Van Ransbeeck could continue the game as midfielder. This “switch” was also noticeable in the game. The Brewers gained more possession of the bal and settled up some nice attack and made some good goals. The Hunters had it hard to clear the ball and setting up an attack. Halftime ended in a 0-5 score for brewers and the Hunters only managed to have 2 shots on goal.

In the third and fourth quarter the Brewers continued playing their game and the Hunters fought hard but were simply not good enough to score a goal against the (un)expected revelation of this cup season. End score of this game 0-13 for Buggenhout Brewers, which are know on place 2 in the group stage. The Hunters continue being 5th for one more week after the Goblins lost against Lille Spartiates with 9-4.

Next Sunday Ghent Goblins will travel all the way to Heist op den Berg, deciding who will be next weeks number 5 in the ranking. The Brewers have a “free” weekend and will be preparing themselves for their next game on the 5th of November against Lille Spartiates.

Heist Hunters Lacrosse vs Kings Lacrosse (8-5) League Match 2011-10-16

Heist Hunters hosted their first home game for the Belgian Cup 2011 on Sunday the 16th of October at 19h00. Although during the day the sun warmed up the pitch, as soon as it went under the temperature dropped to 7°C. Nevertheless 11 Hunters, 8,5 Kings 3 Refs 6 volunteers and some fans travelled to Heist op den Berg to see which team will get their first win of the game.

The first quarter was a really close quarter. The Hunters decide to put all their experienced guys in the middie line, with the idea to reinforce this line so they could set up attacks and help defence when needed. But due to the 2 man down situation most of their plays did not worked out as planned. Maikel Cnop (#13) opened the score thanks to an assist from Stijn Winckelmans (#3) in the 5th minute. Just around 15 minutes Stijn Winckelmans (#3) doubled the score for the Hunters resulting in a 2-0 lead at Q1’s end.

The second quarter the Kings showed they are good skilled players and managed to score by Jonas Delcart (#14). Again Hunters tried to set up plays and wait till they’ve found a open space so they could try to score. Despite some good save by Steve Cooremans (#71) The Hunters lifted up the difference to two goals again by a nice goal from Imco van Veen (#22). Just before half time Hunters Captain Bram Verbruggen (#21) scored his second goal of this season with an assist from Maikel Cnop (#13). This resulted in a 4-1 lead for the Hunters at half time.

After the 10 minutes break it was Kristof Van Gils (#28) from the Kings who brought back the kings into the game. Nevertheless the Hunters continued playing their game. They tried to set up some attack with team plays which resulted in goal by Erwin van Veen (#15) after a good combination with his brother Imco van Veen (#22). After Erwin scored his second goal of the game the Kings Directly managed to score, thanks to a good individual action from Kristof Gommers (#26), a goal keeping the difference on three goals.

The last quarter started with a 6-4 lead for the Hunters. They were eager to maintain their lead so they could end this game as winners. The Kings at the other hand believed they could fight hard and tried to change the score so they will end as winner of this game. This resulted in an open last quarter. It was almost like looking a tennis game. Attacks were set up at both sides and both goalies showed what they are made from. Nevertheless both teams managed to score 2 times. For Hunters the van Veen brothers scored 1 goal each and Kristof Gommers and D pole Fillip Rammeloo (#84) scored for Kings.

End score of this game 8-5 for Heist Hunters Lacrosse. It is their first win in this Cup and also their first win during an official game. Next weekend Hunters will try to keep their undefeated home status while Buggenhout will be their opponent, Kings Lacrosse will be travelling to Halle to try to win their first game.

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